🧰 Setting up the CoE Starter Kit Part One: Get your Service User Ready!

One of the biggest barriers to getting started with Governance for the Power Platform is gaining visibility over what your landscape currently looks like. Luckily, we have the Center of Excellence Starter Kit (affectionately known as the CoE starter kit 💖) that contains a suite of tools to help Power Platform admins govern efficiently and effectively.

Some have found the CoE Starter Kit challenging to get up and running, so we’re going to break things down, step by step. Follow along our journey to Power Platform enlightenment by starting with your Service User!

Security Roles for the Service User

The Service User will be tasked with handling all the connections for the toolkit so it is important that we provide adequate access and licensing. These roles will be given in your Azure AD Admin center and you may need another admin to assist you with this process. The service user will need at least one of the following security roles:

  • Power Platform Service Admin
  • Global Tenant Admin
  • D365 Service Admin

Licencing Requirements for the Service User

Next we need to ensure our service user has the appropriate licencing. The CoE toolkit leverages the Power Platform such as Power Apps and Power Automate, so ensuring you have these licences is important.

  • Power Apps Per User (NOT a trial)
  • Power Automate Per User (NOT a trial)
  • M365 Licence
  • Power BI Pro (If using the PBI dashboards, which are pretty cool!)

Your service user also needs to be mailbox enabled. Do not skip this as it will be important later on in the process! If you forget something, the CoE Setup Wizard will alert us and let us know what we need to fix!

🎉 Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in your Governance journey! Next we’ll start preparing the environment that houses the CoE toolkit.

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