Power Pages: Display the contact that submitted a form.

I’ve been playing around with Power Pages for a while now and always got stuck on one simple thing – how on earth do I see who submitted a form on my portal? After a few hours of playing around with settings, it finally dawned on me and I decided to share my findings with you!

Authenticated users have a contact record in Dataverse. In my example, I have a portal that allows my logged in users to submit requests. I want to be able to view these requests by submitter (contact). Let’s see how it’s done.

First, open the request entity (or whatever entity you’re using). Next, we need to create a lookup field to the contact entity. This will store the contact info of who submitted the record. Don’t forget to save and publish your changes when you’re done.

Now, we edit the settings of our entity form to associate the logged in user with the record. First, select your form in the portal designer and click “Edit Form”

Next we open the Portal Management app by going to the Data tab and clicking on Open Portal Management App.

Select the Additional Settings and scroll down until you see the “Associate Current Portal User on Insert” section. Check the box and select the look up field from the dropdown on the right.

Save your settings, sync your portal and test your changes!

If the form is submitted by a logged in user that has authenticated through the portal, then we can log who that contact is and display this information on the record! Hopefully this helped you save some time 😊

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